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Milnerton Market

Milnerton Market is situated off the R27 west-coast road, on the part of Paarden Island which is closest the sea (it used to be in Milnerton until the residents there got a bit snooty). It's open on Sundays.

It's an excellent junk and second-hand fleamarket, where you can find t-shirts, car parts, computers, used tupperware, telephones, defunct exercise machines, kitchen sets, CDs, DVDs, biltong, bioplus, pancakes and ginger beer.


Milnerton market offers the smell of the sea, a square-on view of Table Mountain, an industrial backdrop on the Paarden Island side and occasionally a freight train trundles by. You don't find many of the cucumber munching hobbyists here, but they let you in even if you've got a tertiary education and a regular job.

WARNING - this article has been censored:

I had a joke in the original article involving the Milnerton Market and stolen goods. However, after receiving an email from the assistant secretary of the Milnerton Informal Traders Association I have removed it...

Good Morning, I refer to your article about the Milnerton Market and kindly request that the " stolen good....oops" section be removed. We are a registered NPO organisation and pride ourselves as to not selling stolen goods. However thank you for the rest of the article its greatly appreciated.