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Zonnekus (Dutch for sunny coast) was the first house built on Woodbridge Island, in 1929. It was built by Sir David Graaf and used as by his family as a seaside residence until his death on 13 April 1931.

Picture of Zonnekus from the northern end (25 March 2006) Zonnekus today

'An offer to purchase this property, made by the late Sir David Graaff in November 1928, was accepted by the Board of Directors, under the chairmanship of the late G. B. van Zyl, later Governor-General of the Union of South Africa. The purpose: "To erect a high class private residential property at an estimated cost of £10 000 as practical proof of Sir David's confidence in Milnerton Estates Limited and in the belief that such development should provide an incentive to development generally". The architects were Messrs Waldgate and Elsworth and the builders Messrs H . Wier & Co.

The house was built in 1929 and used by Sir David Graaff and his family as a seaside residence until his death on 13 April 1931 . Thereafter it was leased to the High Commissioner of the United Kingdom , Sir Herbert Stanley. In 1951 a portion of the land, including the buildings, was sold to the late David Graaff, the second son, who occupied the property until his death.